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Artist's Statement (On Photography)
Curriculum Vitae (On Photography)

Photography is more to me than making pictures. It is a process of looking at, in, and
beyond the subject being photographed. It forever alters not only the way I perceive
the subject, but the way I feel about the world and myself. Moreover, although each
photograph is inevitably a reflection of me, the viewer may recognize himself or
herself amid the shadows.

I have always been fascinated by the inherently sensual nature of the human form
and the way it can share both its grandeur and its intimacy in a work of art. Although
my current work consists predominantly of nudes in black and white, I have recently
begun exploring other subject matter as well. I am interested in depicting the
sensual, the mysterious, the somber, the serene, the sacred, and the profane in
my art.

As a photographer, whether wielding a camera or working in the darkroom (or on
the computer), I can endeavor to express myself with the grace of a dancer, the
spontaneity of a jazz musician, the wisdom of a philosopher, the courage of a
mountain climber, and in countless other ways.

Good art is found where concept and execution combine to form a lucid whole.

Carmine Scarpa, 2002 (Revised 2016)