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Once Upon A Flagpole (Part 1 of 2)
Once upon a flagpole
Sat a golden ball so bright
Everyone passing would stare at it
Even in the dark of night

Along came Tom, a gray and white cat
Who wanted the ball for a toy
Just a chance to push it with his paw
Would bring the fluffy cat joy

All at once he started to climb
The smooth and slender pole
But poor little Tom came sliding down
Before he reached his goal

Again Tom tried for the top
And again fell to the ground
Tom was feeling very dizzy
As his head was spinning around

Next upon this sunny day
Came Paula, a large brown cow
She also wanted to get the ball
But didn't quite know how

So Paula tried to tumble it down
By hitting the pole with her head
But instead of getting the bright golden ball
She got a bump so big and red

"Stop" said Tom, "I saw the ball first"
Paula replied, "I don't care
because the one who gets it first
shall have earned it fair and square"

So Tom and Paula went home
And in a little while
Each returned with two good friends
And all were wearing smiles

They believed that the ball would soon
Be theirs to bounce and roll
Each would climb upon his good friend's back
And push the ball off the pole

Tom had brought "Ray Rabbit"
And his tiny friend "Michelle the Mouse"
The three of them lived together
In Tom's cozy wooden house

Paula had brought "Greg Goat"
And her old pal "Dave the Dog"
They too all lived together
On the water in Paula's boat

First Tom and his two friends
Would try to reach the top
Paula knew they couldn't do it
So did nothing to make them stop

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