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CAUTION: These galleries contain nude images. Additionally, Photography Gallery Five, Digital
Galleries Four, Twelve, Thirteen, Sixteen, and Nineteen contain images depicting
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What spirit is so empty and blind, that it cannot
recognize the fact that the foot is more noble than the
shoe, and skin more beautiful than the garment with
which it is clothed?
Photography Gallery One (distorted perspectives)
Photography Gallery Two (veils)
Photography Gallery Three (backs)
Photography Gallery Four (plastic wrap, movement, and multiple exposures)
Photography Gallery Five (woman in deserted shack narrative)
Digital Gallery One (first digital shoot)
Digital Gallery Two (female nude)
Digital Gallery Three (male nude I)
Digital Gallery Four (male nude II)
Digital Gallery Five (curvaceous)
Digital Gallery Six (goth girl)
Digital Gallery Seven (goth girl abstracts)
Digital Gallery Eight (collage)
Digital Gallery Nine (necks, thighs, and video tape)
Digital Gallery Ten (nude, fruit, bread and wine)
Digital Gallery Eleven (sepia tones I)
Digital Gallery Twelve (geisha narrative)
Digital Gallery Thirteen (Calamity)
Digital Gallery Fourteen (Kat Love)
Digital Gallery Fifteen (Kat Love with sculpture)
Digital Gallery Sixteen (two women with roses, gun n' roses, and candy)
Digital Gallery Seventeen (sepia tones II)
Digital Gallery Eighteen (Isadora)
Digital Gallery Nineteen (the Hebrew letters, the bath, ...)
Digital Gallery Twenty (toy soldiers never die)
Digital Gallery Twenty-One (Michael)
Digital Gallery Twenty-Two (the cello)
Digital Gallery Twenty-Three (woman in the mirror)
Digital Gallery Twenty-Four (some things I missed)
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