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This gallery contains two poems, one of attributes, one of magic.


She approaches;                        
my mood begins to lift as she nears
with her beautiful bright eyes,
wondrous wide smile, and satin soft voice.

I tense in anticipation;
will she reach out to me this time
with a gentle rub of my shoulders,
or a quick but tender hug?

Perhaps it was untoward and not meant to be;
yet, it really doesn’t matter.
She had already touched my heart
and will be remembered and cherished always.

For now I am more inspired,
ambitious, optimistic, creative, and loving,
and such attributes do not spring from wrong,
and such attributes do not spring from emptiness.


There’s something magical about rain.

I wrote a poem exalting the rains some years back and then
later made a short film using the poem as voice-over.

I vividly remember going to my college theology class one
rainy morning. I had on a black raincoat and it felt like a
priest’s cassock.

I recall sitting by the window in a Paris Café on a Sunday
morning. My wife had gone shopping. I sat there alone
while listening to the music in the background, enjoying
my café au lait and madeleines, and watching passers-by
gently navigating through (and sometimes in) the sidewalk

I used to love walking in the rain with an umbrella and
hearing the drops hitting above my head. Since I now use a
wheelchair, I sometimes park my car safely and watch and
listen as the rain cascades on and off my windshield.

Some people consider it a hindrance, and no doubt
sometimes that’s true. Still, there’s something magical
about rain.

[Note: The short film mentioned above can be seen here.]