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Susan sitting in front of me in Mrs. Davidson's third-grade classroom
 and how she was recovering from a broken leg or some other
      orthopedic ailment
 and how around mid-year she began to walk without her crutches
 and shortly thereafter, Susan telling everyone that she was going
      back to her "normal" school
 and the day her skirt got caught on the back of her chair as she
      sat down
 and staring at her white panties all during arithmetic.
      -Although Susan, at such a tender age, may not have had much
of a figure, it was much more interesting than those being posted on the
blackboard by Mrs. Davidson.

the day Lorraine was being examined by the school doctor
 and how we were all examined periodically to assess our disabilities
      [Lorraine had a mild case of Polio]
 and how I watched from the waiting room through a partially
      opened door
 and telling Lorraine later that day on the school bus that I had seen
      her in her panties
 and not really having seen much of anything
 and Lorraine testing me by asking what color they were
 and my guessing:"Pink"
 and her replying: "White"  
 and my feigning disbelief
 and Lorraine saying that she would prove it to me
 and my obvious exhilaration being short-lived since the school bus
      had arrived at her house
 and that next morning when Lorraine got on the bus
 and her coming over to me and whispering: "Come with me to the
      back of the bus and I'll show you my panties"      
 and how, in the back of the bus, away from prying eyes, and just as
      my anticipation was truly peaking, Lorraine showed me
      her panties.   
      -She had been carrying them in her bookbag.

my first kiss with Cookie in the fifth-grade clothing room
 and how she told everyone that she had lost her leg hitching a freight
      train in Hoboken [It's likely that she lost her leg in less dramatic
      fashion, but then again how less dramatically can a child lose a leg]
 and her and I pressing against each other one day on the crowded
      school elevator
 and that evening on the telephone, confessing to each other that we
      had found the experience quite pleasurable
 and agreeing to kiss the next day in the clothing room
 and it being several days, perhaps weeks, until we had the opportunity
      or, more accurately, the courage to go through with our plan, since
      we were both very hesitant and shy.
 and somehow finally managing to get close enough so that our
      lips actually touched
 and when it was over, backing up a bit and looking at each other as if
      to say: Is that what this is all about? Did we do something wrong?
      -As happens so often, the anticipation of an event is greater than
the event itself. We never really spoke about that kiss, but we did kiss
again some twenty years later when we met by chance at a New Year's
Eve party at which Cookie was a guest and my band was performing.
Although she appeared to be with a date, we did manage to say a few
words to each other during the evening. Quite unexpectedly, however,
just past the stroke of midnight, while I was on the bandstand playing
"Auld Lang Syne," Cookie came up to me and planted a long hard wet
one. Cookie had lost her shyness, and I nearly lost my glasses. Although
it took some twenty years, I think we finally shared a bit of that moment
we thought we'd missed out on that day in the fifth-grade clothing room.
This gallery contains three memories of youth relating to
A. Harry Moore School (an elementary school for the physically
disabled) and initial experiences with girls.