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Small Potatoes

A Musical in Two Acts
by Thomas J. Thiel, John M. Thiel, and Carmine J. Scarpa
(approximate running time with songs: 150 minutes)

The seriocomic story takes place in the summer of 2016 in a neighborhood
café in a small town on Long Island, New York. It unfolds out of the mouths
of a variety of characters who discuss timely as well as universal subjects,
including politics, religion, sex, disability, immigration, LGBT rights,
alcoholism, and the plight of the elderly.

Copyright 2018 Thomas J. Thiel, John M. Thiel, Carmine J. Scarpa
All Rights Reserved

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Act One Scene 1; Great Day in the Mornin'
Act One Scene 2: Crazy for You
Act One Scene 3: Under the Streetlight
Act One Scene 4: Only Photographs
Act One Scene 5: Out on the Ocean
Act One Scene 6: Follow Him Down
Act Two Scene 1: The Little Birds
Act Two Scene 1: It All Comes Clear
Act Two Scene 2: The Immigrants
Act Two Scene 3: Dream of You
Act Two Scene 4: Ain't Nobody's Business
Act Two Scene 5: I'm Not Broken
Act Two Scene 6: We All Have Stories

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Songs from Small Potatoes
Note: The versions of these songs are not necessarily done as they will be
performed in the show. Your imagination in that regard should be engaged.